Monday, February 22, 2010

Ashley: 3, Hunger Monster: 0

I'm very proud of myself so far. It's been hard, but I've been able to stay under my allotted points every day so far. I've had a lot of temptations, the worst of which was on Saturday night. The lady and I had a party to go to, where there would be copious amounts of alcohol consumption. Instead of buying beer like normal, I opted for a flavored vodka and diet club soda. When we got home that night, my roommate tossed in some pizza to heat up and I immediately started salivating. I wanted a slice SO BAD. Drunk hungries are bad hungries. I asked, instead, if I could have a single pepperoni from one of the slices.

It was disgusting. I opened up a bag of carrots and hummus instead. Hunger monster: Defeated!

Earlier that day, the lady cooked breakfast for us. I had a single egg (2 points!), three slices of turkey bacon (1 point!), and a whole wheat english muffin (2 points!). I finished eating before the lady, and instead of finishing her plate I went and grabbed my food journal and a mint or two. I removed myself from a temptation that I otherwise would have given in to. Hunger monster: Defeated!

The next morning, instead of my usual post-drinking breakfast of a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel, I got egg whites, fresh turkey and a slice of cheese on whole wheat toast. Six points! And mostly satisfying. Hunger monster: Defeated!

I'm learning that I can make healthy choices and still be satisfied. And that I am able to remove myself from situations where I would otherwise make poor decisions.

T-4 days till I weigh in.

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