Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missed workout, oh no!

So I missed my workout last night. I left my office (in the Financial District, NYC) at 420, got on the PATH train at the World Trade Center, transferred at Newark-Penn Station to a regular train, and my girlfriend picked me up at 520. By the time we got to her apartment, and were able to change, get the bikes, load the bikes, and drive the hour to where we were going to ride, it would have been dark. So that was out. She had run that morning, and I busted out 3.5 miles on Monday in an OLD (think 500+ miles) pair of shoes, so my joints were aching. The pool was closed. EVERYTHING was going against us.

So we went shopping.


Today: Abs and a spin class, because I (yet again) left my good running shoes at Lindsays.

Soon I will get this new schedule under control.

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Jen said...

Oh, I hate those days when it seems like the world is trying to prevent a workout! I actually found that to help prevent myself from missing a workout, I keep an extra set of clothes & shoes in my trunk. But I guess that wouldn't work in your case, since you don't drive to work.

Oh well, sounds like your body needed a relax day anyways. Hope you made it to your spin class yesterday.

NYC residents are in my prayers today and forever! May you find peace and strengh to continue taking one day at a time.