Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HYC Check in: Week 5, Training update, plus more!

Since I posted yesterday I got in two runs. Here are the stats from my heartrate monitor:

PM Run, Monday: Aaaand crap. Apparently my watch only stores the most recent workout. Hm. Ok. Well, here are my notes from yesterday: "Cut to 30 minutes because of limits @gym - run outside from now on for 30+ min runs. TIRED, lethargic, legs felt heavy. Treadmill felt faster than my old gym. 2.5 miles"

AM Run, Tuesday: Duration: 21:24, 16:14 in zone; 236 calories burned

Tonight I've got a 60 minute easy spin. We're supposed to get hit with a nasty storm today, so there's a solid chance I'll be relegated to the bikes at the gym.

Other stuff:

My mom gave me a few new work blouses for Christmas this year. One is a really nice Charter Club light purpley striped number, size 12. When I tried it on the day after Christmas, I couldn't even button it closed. Today I'm wearing it, and it's loose! I'm rather excited about this.

I also bought some new clothes from American Eagle - new jeans, a sweater, and a henley. They were having some massive clearance sales, and I got all three for the actual original price of the jeans. So I was happy. But I bought them in smaller sizes than I usually do, because I wanted something to work towards. (I wear mens clothes, so take that into account). The jeans were 33x30 low-rise bootcut, and the sweater and henley were smalls. THEY ALL FIT! I was expecting the jeans to be a little tight, but they fit nicely! And the sweater is fitted, so I need to wear it with a looser pair of jeans (probably my 34x30 bootcut ones), but it looks good! I'm really excited. Hopefully soon I'll lose my muffintop, too!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oh yeah...oh yeah...I'm singing congratulatios to you on the new work blouse! WAHOO!!!

Scale Junkie said...

Great workout!

YAY for wearing smaller clothes!