Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Long Run, and Lost

My run this morning was absolutely fantastic. Have you ever had that workout or run where you felt as though you could just go on forever and ever and ever? Thats how I felt at 545 this morning. I got on the treadmill and just...went. I was going slow (for a long run I keep my pace at about a 12 minute mile, which is 2 minutes slower than my (hopeful)(projected) race pace. I went for 40 minutes (about 3.5 miles) because I overslept a bit, but i just felt absolutely.fantastic.

No workout scheduled for tonight - I'm meeting up with my Dad after work then going to the Ski Bums happy hour. Hopefully I'll be home by 930 and in bed by 10. Tomorrow I've got a swim in the morning and a bike in the evening, and then a date tomorrow night.

Did you watch Lost last night? Is you brain hurting as much as mine? I have a feeling that on Thursdays this blog is also going to turn into a "Quinn's Theories on Lost" blog. So here we go.

1. Charlie, Desmond and Penny's son, is ALSO Charles Widmore. Hear me out on this one. Desmond and Penny end up going back to the island, and of course they bring their son. The island gets all timey-wimey and then goes back in time. Desmond, Penny, and Charlie get stranded on the island. Desmond and Penny die, becoming the skeletons that Jack found back in Season 1 in the cave (Adam and Eve?). Charlie becomes the 'native son' of the Island, but because of power struggles with Richard Alpert, he ends up leaving the Island. Prior to this he's adopted his mothers maiden name in an attempt to distance himself from his father. After he leaves the Island, he gets married to...

2. Ellie. Or perhaps Ellie and he are siblings. Either way, there is definitely some sort of familial connection between Widmore and Ellie. I also have a feeling that Ellie is Eloise Hawkings, who is Daniels Faradays mother. This would make Penny and Daniel either siblings or cousins, depending on the relationship between Ellie and Widmore. So Widmore and Ellie get married, at some point Penny is born, and some years later she gives birth to her son, Charlie, named after the late and beloved Charlie Pace and NOT as an homage to her father. Ironically, her son ends up also BEING her father.

3. Miles is Pierre Changs son, who we saw at the beginning of Season 5, episode 1.

4. The nosebleeds are happening to people based on how much cumulative time they've spent on the island. Charlotte spent the most time there, so she got it first. Next was Miles, which fits in to the theory that he was the Asian baby from the beginning of the season. Now Juliet is having them, and she's been on the Island for 3 years longer than our Losties. We can expect our Losties to be getting the nosebleeds soon, too, as well as Daniel.

5. I'm still rather confused about the role that Charlotte is going to play in this.

6. I couldn't care less about the Oceanic 6 anymore.

7. Next week, Locke is going to die.

8. The whispers that the Losties were hearing during the first few seasons were not, in fact, the Others. It was actually the future THEM, time-traveling.

I feel like the past four seasons have been intense foreplay, and right now the Island is giving us mind-blowing (quite literal, in some senses) sex. I'm having a braingasm with each episode. And I have got the biggest fanboy crush on Charlotte ever. She's gorgeous. Just so you know.

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