Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gym Dilemma

So here's my problem. On Saturday I'm going the first ever women's only Ski Bums trip, and tonight there's a Happy Hour meet-and-greet kind of thing so we can all get to know each other before we go (since 99% of us have never met each other before).

Yesterday I took a rest day because it was scheduled. Sunday I worked out, even though it was a rest day. Do I take Sundays rest day and use it today so that I can go to this happy hour, or skip it so I can get a workout in? I can't do both - the bar is in Greenwich Village, and I live in Brooklyn, so it will take me about an hour to get home and it doesn't start till 7. It makes no sense to leave work at 4, travel the 40 minutes home, workout, shower, travel an hour back into the city, hang out for an hour, then travel an hour back home. It's definitely one of those either-or situations.

I'm leaning towards skipping the happy hour and going to the gym, partially because I hate being out so late, and also because I'm feeling kind of lazy after not working out yesterday. On the other hand, it really wouldn't mess up my schedule too much because I DID work out on a scheduled rest day.

Other news:

I start my official 20-week Half-Ironman training plan on February 2, Groundhog Day, Mom's birthday. It's going to be a killer. I'll keep all of you completely up-to-date on my exact workouts once I get into them...Until then, suffice it to say that I am not going to have time to breath! I'm looking forward to it.


Rose said...

I would probably skip the happy hour and go to the gym - but that's just me, and I'm very low key on school nights.

I think you should do whatever will make you happier in the end. If going to a happy hour would be super fun, take your rest day. Don't miss out on a good opportunity if it presents itself.

Quinn said...

You're a good accountability partner, Rose. I really should skip the happy hour and go to the gym, especially since there's going to be a kick-ass spin class tonight.

ladyhooligan said...

Hey! What training plan are you following? I've got a book in a box somewhere around here that I've gotta dig out. I'm pretty sure it has training programs for all different distances, but always interested in what others are doing.