Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I made it to the pool last night, finally. After searching for the entrance to the pool for about 20 minutes I finally found it and made my way down. Apparently you need a swim cap to use the pool, which I didn't know about, and got yelled at by the lifeguards. I got my hands on one, and swam for about 30 minutes. I did a 7 minute slow warmup, 12 lengths alternating freestyle sprints and breaststroke, and then a long (prolly about 1/4 mile) cool-down. It kicked my ass - I was exhausted by the end of it. But it was nice - I was home and cooking dinner by 530, instead of just getting home and heading out to the gym.

What I did realize, though, was that I need a really good transition bag. Something that can hold my work clothes away from my pool stuff away from my running/cycling stuff. I'll have to talk to the Tri group on Livejournal to get some recommendations.

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