Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Workout Schmerkout

Getting to the pool in the morning has been an EPIC FAIL on my part. Monday was a washout when it came to working out. I went to the Dodge Y with the intent on getting a membership (thats the gym with a pool. I now belong to two gyms). It took over an hour. I had intended on running when I was there, but the place was so crowded and so humid and so disgusting, and I developed a wicked bad headache/tummyache when I was there...So I called it a night after I got my membership card and went home.

Yesterday was better. I didn't swim in the morning, but I brought my pool stuff with my to work so I could go on my way home. I got there, and there were swim lessons and no lanes available for lap swimming. So I went to Trader Joe's, did some food shopping, went home and changed into my running clothes and went to my running gym. I got 2.5 miles done. Then I went home, cooked up some chicken and made a huge salad. It was DELICIOUS! I used some Lemon-Ginger marinade on the chicken. Delectable.

Failed on the pool again this morning - there's just something about 5Am that my body does not like. But I've got my suit and goggles with me, and as long as there are lanes available I will be there. If not, I'll just run or take a spin class or something tonight.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go rock climbing, and I'm snowboarding on Saturday for the first time all season. I can't wait! If it's nice on Sunday I'll take my bike out for an hour or so too.

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